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Bright Schools Montessori International

Riyadh, KSA


We Treasure Children and thus have developed the most comprehensive program that stimulates every cell in your child's being. 

Varied, strong, fun, stimulating & environmentally responsible. Bright's environments stimulates and develops a curiosity about one's surroundings and drives children desires to want to discover, explore and learn. 

Very easy.  Either call us or send us a note so that we can call you back.  Arrange for a visit, fill the application, come in for a visit with your child and you're all set! 

This is your private corner.  Our letters to you.  your child's report, any private messages will be under your login.  We would love to see you on that side of the website. 

A well rounded education.

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Who we are

Bright Schools Montessori was founded by a mother who was unable to find a suitable pre-school for her son. She spent a good amount of time looking for a school that she felt her son would thrive in, however, she had no luck. All the schools available were stuck in the past and she wanted to put her son in a school that was innovative and progressive in their curriculum. It was then that she decided to start her own Montessori School; she wanted to provide a great education for her son and the children in the community. It was quite clear from the opening of Bright Pre School that it was one of a kind- there were no schools like it at the time. We want to give the children a great foundation for which they can flourish and reach their full potential. We take a holistic approach in our curriculum, focusing not only on academics, but also moral and health. Bright Montessori's program has been developing for seventeen years, each year with new lesson plans and ideas for the children. Our program teaches young children advanced concepts in all aspects of development. Bright's program is heavily embedded with technology, yet it still manages to teach children the importance of communication and working with others. We take in the needs of all the children we have and specifically tweak our curriculum to satisfy the children's and parent's needs. We are very proud of the diversity and culture in our school and allow it to influence our play time and lessons heavily. We have a range of languages taught at bright, including Arabic and French. Each week children are able to talk about artists, inventors, scientists and any subject which they show an interest in. We want our children to develop their skills at an early age so that they come naturally to them when they are older  Many children who graduate for Bright are even able to explain the plant-reproduction cycle in-depth! We want our children to thrive and enjoy education. We want to spread knowledge, acceptance and joy. We are Bright and are excited to meet you!

What we do 

We raise thoughtful, considerate, loving, intelligent, appreciative, Earth conscious, caring , beautiful souls and minds.

This is a very complicated era we live in.  Wars all around us, no one listens, we are misusing our Earth, draining its resources, mistreating each other and learning to survive independently with our social media lives, learning to trust who is behind a screen rather than bonding with that who is in front of us.  Bright Schools believes in the human race, Believes that in order to have our children survive as adults we need to teach them to go back in time where the human race was more human. Where human connection to Earth was there, planting, gardening, harvesting, putting nutrients back in our soil, seeing and experiencing that connection, giving as much as taking and not vise versa.  Children need to learn the art of communication, they need to be educated that all humans are one and that if we all see each other in all our beauty then this world will have peace again and intelligence to take care of our Mother Earth so that it can keep providing all the beauty and love that it has. Together we can put our children on the right path again. We are different, our goals for your children are different, come see for yourself. 


Pre-Primary Program

Crawlers-Teeters, Walkers & Brilliant Twos

These are not Bright Videos - Ours will be coming soon.  In the mean time, we chose few youtube videos that speak of Montessori in general. You should expect to see the same dynamics and methodology in our classrooms.  That said, all credit goes to the establishments that published them and put these videos on youtube.  These are temporary filler videos.  No intention in taking credit for someone else's work and we thank those that put them on youtube.