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Campers Details 

Contacts, Medical, Transportation Information & Indemnity agreement

Camper's Details

More than one camper? Please provide the sibling information 

Parents' Information 


Camper(s) Medical Information

Medical issues we should know about, symptoms & treatment.  Please state NA if there are no medical issues to share.  You can enter for multiple children by stating the name of each child first:

Transportation Information 

Who will be dropping off your child and picking them up? Please provide the names, iqama/national ID numbers & driver's license (for any one driving)

Main Person That Will be Driving Your Child

Iqama or National ID
Upload File

Any other person that might be in the car or possibly driving your child as well? 

Iqama or National ID
Upload File

Any other person that might be in the car?  Nanny? 

Indemnity Section

Iqama or National ID

Bright School is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment, its staff are committed to take the utmost care at all times.  However, accidents do happen and may happen.

I, being the lawful parent of guardian of this applicant, hereby indemnify that Bright School and its employees shall have no responsibility of whatsoever nature including medical fees or any other expenses in respect to any bodily injury of the name child/children. 

Anything you want to add, question, comment, remark?  Please do so here:

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