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Before Signing on .. Just to Make Sure

Parent School Payment Agreement

This page has been added in light of the continual examples that we keep experiencing from new registrations.  Our policies, fee structure and terms & conditions are very thorough and while filling the student application, parent signs to agreeing to those policies, terms and conditions.  This page is a last attempt to have our interested new applicants reconsider signing on with Bright Schools.  We are a very committed team and our main job is to change lives and get our students to become the best version of who they can be.  Once you sign on to be part of our lovely community, we need to focus on our main job which is serving children.  Just like how a parent chooses to sign on with us, we at some point may realize that it wasn't the right match.  In such cases, Bright will fulfill its commitment with that family until the last paid day.  For unhappy parents, we expect the same, either continue to attend to the last paid day or fully lose any balance paid. Here are examples we experienced (examples like this are really minimal) but since we have become public (parents come to us through the web as opposed to word of mouth) this resulted in few of these examples occurring in a short period of time which had us add this page. 

If you get the feeling that any of the stated examples may apply to you then please do not fill a student application.  We will not be the right fit for your family. 

Examples to consider before you sign up: 

  1. I signed up with you and found out (after 4 days) that what you provide is not what was packaged to me but my main reason is that I realized that your school is 33 minutes away from my house and my baby is only a toddler so I am not willing to put her in the car for this amount of time.  I paid you the full semester and I want you to refund me my paid tuition.

  2. I sent you an email with a picture of my son's finger with a burn on it and you did not reply back.  Did you even bother to check the CCTV cameras. Parent was replied to in a thorough conversation by class teacher but still wanted the office to reply to her email. This is not Bright, we are one super busy team and we do not have the time to revisit issues if there was no reason to do so. (no incident ever occurred and looked like skin irritation, eczema or dermatitis but parent would not have it, accusation is groundless).  Here you either finish up the term or drop out and lose your payment. In this case, it is clear that parent and school are not a good match and the school will refuse your continued enrollment.  But we are obligated to finish the term with you. These are adult issues and children are always going to get the best care possible.  But, if you are not happy to continue then it is your decision. Funds are not refundable. WE invest a lot of time, effort, energy, care & love to establish a solid environment and to settle every child that comes in.

  3. I paid the fees and need them back as my children's mother is not in agreement with your setup, she is against music, TV, singing, birthdays and most of your fun-days. I signed up because I felt this is the best school for my children but my wife is not happy with such a culture difference.

  4. I signed up and I love the school but I have to travel as we have a family emergency, my dad is sick and I will be away for a long time, please refund my fees, my child only attended few days. This is a hardship situation and in this case, we freeze your funds until you resume back (within the same year), you should not expect that we refund you the fees. Nor that we will role them over to the next year.  

  5. My child came home with a bead up her nose.  You explain to me what have you learned from this incident, what are you going to do differently, I need you to send me a detailed email apologizing and explaining the change you will be making.  School reply:  you can continue to attend to the last paid day but for next term, find her another school.  First our school is full of small items, in our many years we had one such incident and it was with a child who according to her parent has done this at home before. On the other hand, this child who was 5 took this craft home and whatever happened did not happen in school as there was no incident attended to at school. But regardless, it happened at home or at school, if an accident happened this is not the approach.  If you expect no accidents to happen then best to keep your child at home under your care.  We do our best to prevent anything from happening but you must know as a parent children will get into situations, at school or at home, this is how they learn. WE do not hold children on a leash and you as a parent know, any time they can fall, they can get in situations, etc.  you do your best to avoid accidents and we do as well but things can happen. If not ready for this fact, best not to register your child yet.

  6. During the summer break - I had access and filled an application and submitted your application fee. You said (on the site) that you will contact me within a week and since you didn't I registered elsewhere, I want my fee refunded. During the summer we are closed. This parent wanted to register and reached out - we gave him access but did not process his application as we were on a break. If this is during school closure times and you cannot wait until we are back then do not register.  

Summary: Fees are never refundable nor are they transferable. These are examples we came across but we are sure there can be tons more.  Bottom line, our polices, fee structure, terms & conditions will be fully applied to any situation. In hardship situations (which ultimately we are the ones to categorize it as such) the funds are frozen till you resume back in the same running year.  For situations where parent is not happy for whatever the reason is, our fault, your fault, we are committed to finishing the term with you.  Dropping out will result in you losing any funds you made to Bright Schools.  NO Refunds.

Finally here is our code of conduct, please review it before you sign the following form: (Code is found at the end of the BSM policies page, linked here, after clicking please scroll to the bottom of the following linked page)

          Bright-Parent Code of Conduct Agreement 

Payment Agreement

I hereby declare that I am fully in agreement with Bright policies

I have read the above and understand that fees are not refundable nor transfarable under any cicumstance; mentioned or otherwise
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