Bright Schools General Policies

Key information about how we run things and general policies are listed here.  This page is provided to our potential parents for review before you move forward to requesting a visit to get your child enrolled in Bright. Once enrolled all these polices are in effect.  For our parents, this page is here for your reference. 

General information:


  1. School hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.  You can sign up for Before and /or After care.

  2. Your child will need a lunch box every day except on Thursdays.  All other days please fill your child’s lunch box with healthy foods.  All details are provided once enrolled. 

  3. Non-healthy food is normally returned and the child will not be allowed to eat it, for example, fried foods like chicken nuggets, sugary foods as well not allowed, cookies, cup cakes, chocolates, etc.

  4. Bright school has a certain dress code with specific colors and styles. Children of all ages are required to dress according to our uniform specifics.  You will have access to the uniform details once registered.

  5. Finally, when in doubt just ask us please.

Community Lunch HealthyThursday

In an effort to give you a break from packing up your child’s lunch box daily and as well to have a weekly community lunch where all the school children eat together at the same time, we started Healthy Thursday at the opening of the school, we started with healthy pizza and progressed to many other options of different meals. 

  1. Thursdays are our Community Lunch days where lunch is prepared in school with the help of the children. 

  2. If we are running this program for the given year, then parent is charged at the entry and along with their first school payment a minimal fee for the year.  

  3. The school runs this program every year.  One exception so far which has been the 2020-2021 year and that is due to the ongoing Covid. We expect this program to continue to run in future years.

Sleeping Policy:

If a child is in the toddlers class specifically or in any other class really and tends to want to sleep, then the teachers are asked to facilitate the means for the child to nap. This is a school policy and it is not up to the parent or the teacher or the school, in this instant it is up to your child and his/her needs. We run a child’s home and therefore we accommodate their needs at the time they need it first and foremost. Please do not rely on asking us to make sure he/she doesn't sleep.  Such a request cannot be fulfilled. We need to respect your child's needs as they come up during the day and napping is just one of them. 

We know that parents prefer that their child naps once they get home. We provide a very stimulating program and if your child is not needing to nap then certainly he or she will be kept very busy BUT if they do need to sleep then the policy is to let them sleep. We do not have enforced nap time (we do have relaxing time in the toddlers class for those still requiring to nap, as they outgrow this need then they will no longer be included in this relax time segment). 

Sick Policy: 

Please be advised that we are very strict with our sick policy – any child coming into school or developing any of these symptoms while in school, the parent will be contacted immediately and asked to come and pick their child up. 

  1. Any child requiring medication in the morning for fever, headache, sore throat etc. should not be sent to school.  If they are ill enough to require medicine, they are too ill to be in school.

  2. Any child who has had vomiting, diarrhea or a fever should have a period of 24 hours free from all symptoms before being sent back to school.  DO NOT send your child to school if they have had diarrhea or vomiting or fever within the last 24 hours.

  3. DO NOT send your child to school if they have: 

  • An active cold, i.e. constantly runny nose, persistent coughing or sneezing, watery eyes. If your child has any allergies which result in constant runny nose, then parent is to provide the school with a doctor's report and child's medical form is to reflect such a diagnosis. That said, children with allergies do have colds as well. When in doubt the child needs to stay home and/or will be sent home if symptoms develop while in school. 

  • Infected eye


Please note this policy is to ensure all our children and our staff stays fit and healthy to provide a clean, healthy and happy environment in which to learn and develop.

Car Seat Mandate

CAR SEATS: ARE MANDATORY FOR BOTH DROP IN & PICK UP. The school reserves the right to refuse entry or pick up of your child if he/she is not in a car seat when transported.  This holds true for all children up to 8 years of age (booster chair). It is the parents responsibility to ensure that any car that transports your child has a securely secured car seat for your child.  We can help out by storing your car seat for the day if you tend to transport your child in two different vehicles and only have one car seat, in which case, you would want to remove the car seat from the morning vehicle, we store if for you to pick up at the end of the day to secure in the second vehicle at dismissal time.  Sure this is a headache but it is a measure you need to plan for as it is mandatory to have your child in a car seat and securely strapped both the seat and the child. 

Before & Aftercare

School starts at 8:00 a.m. and finishes at 1:00 p.m. weekdays.  Children should not arrive in school earlier than 7:55 a.m. and should depart no later than 1:05 p.m.  For parents wishing to bring children earlier than the stated times an extended hours program is available. Fees can be found in details in the fee structure. For potential parents that do not have access to our fee structure yet, these fees are collected along side term fees, you can choose to extend the day on a half hour mark from as early as 7:15 a.m. and up to 4 p.m.  The hourly rate averages to around 35SR per extra hour, then we calculate your extra amount of hours for the week and multiply by the number of weeks in the term.  

Emergency Policy

  • In case of a minor accident, first aid is administered and a note is sent home describing the incident. 

  • In case of a more sever accident at school, parents will be notified immediately while  first aid is administered and a note is sent home as well.

  • In case of an emergency you will be contacted immediately and depending on the emergency we might head with your child to the nearest hospital if it is faster than the time it will take you to get to the school.  In this case you will be asked to meet us at the hospital.

  • It is known as a fact here that all families have medical insurance. Any expenses are expected to be settled by the family insurance. 

Discipline Policy

Bright School operates on the assumption that everyone in the school will treat everyone else with care and respect.  The children are allowed to move freely and explore the environment using the rules and procedures that are consistent throughout all our environments.  There are three basic behaviors that are forbidden:

  • No child or adult will hurt another child or adult in any way.

  • No child or adult may disturb the work of another in any way.

  • No child or adult may mistreat the property of the school in any way.

 * The above rules pertain to any student, teacher, parent, or visitor in the school.

In the Montessori environment a child is considered to be in control when working constructively with the school materials and showing respect for his/her own work as well as the work of others.  If the child loses control, the teacher will intervene. The teacher will take the child aside and will talk to him/her about the situation.  The child will be given a chance to regain control. The staff at Bright School will use positive language and always talk to the child at eye level. If the child still has not gained control, the teacher will take control. The child will be asked to choose a place to sit and think about what he/she is doing and when they are ready, they may rejoin the group.


If the child has a problem, the following procedures will be followed:

  • The school administrator and teacher involved will conduct a meeting to discuss the problem.

  • The parents will be contacted for a conference to discuss the problem. The conference will serve the purpose of exchanging ideas to help the child. A date for a second conference will be set.

  • The second conference will serve the purpose of evaluating the child’s progress. If no improvement is shown, a decision will be made at this time regarding what steps should be taken to best meet the needs of the child, while taking into consideration the well being of the school environment.

  • Further follow ups will be scheduled and daily phone follow ups could take place if it is deemed necessary that parents need the school support to execute the agreed on plan.  


Bright School believes that a child in an environment of love, trust, and respect will gain self-discipline and the desire to learn and succeed in a positive way.

Media & Social Media Policy

Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 1.37.59 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 1.45.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 1.40.11 PM.png

Private Photo Sharing Platform: The school uses a private platform to post weekly photos and videos. Access to our platform is established with parent after child is enrolled.  Children pictures and videos are captured during school days and are shared on our platform.  We cannot exclude any child.


Facebook: only has for short selected  videos  (compilation of children working on their lessons) – it is not be used as a social medial platform – it only directs the visitor to our main website.

Instagram: Our Instagram name is: Bright.Schools, it is an open platform and only a selection of pictures and videos are posted that help promote the school.  Usually posts are of groups of children and as well we cannot exclude any child who is in a group.  

Year Books & Printed Material:  For school purposes, such prints may be done at any point. 


Bright School reserves the right to use images of students for school purposes. 

Hamra Branch Bus Drop Off Service

If you live on the compound (alhamra) and would like us to drive your child back home from school at dismissal time, you will need to fill in and submit our online form. The form must be received before we can add your child to the bus list. No child is allowed on the bus without the proper paperwork.  It is free of charge.  Sorry we don’t have morning pick-ups nor do we have this service in our Arizona Branch

Bright  & Parent:   Code of Conduct Agreement

In Bright, we thrive to keep an upbeat, healthy, professional atmosphere and environment. Respect, care & professional interactions are to be put out by our team and are expected mutually from our parents. The notion that the school or teacher is to do as told because parent is paying has no baring in our schools. Bright School is an educational establishment, the expectation from a parent that the customer is always right does not work with such an establishment in general and specifically not in Bright. Bright always wants to do what is right, if there is a mistake that was done, we will be the first to admit it, correct it, learn from it, make changes and move forward. That said, when a parent voices a concern, they are expected to give us the benefit of the doubt. You need to expect that we have an answer, a reason, an explanation which you may not like and which most likely be an explanation that we will stand firm behind if it is something that has to do with what we believe in. What doesn't work is when a parent just wants a YES and lacks respect as to who we are to a point where they will discards our opinion on the matter voiced. We have had occasions where we were placed in a spot that if we answer as to why, the parent took it as if we were defending or not hearing them. Parents should expect that we have reasons as to why. Parents are expected to approach us with their issues as partners and never as a purchasing customer. We have worked with thousands of children your child's age so for sure we have our reasons to thousands of circumstances. Explaining our reasons or our ways should be expected and not regarded as if we are defending. This is a new trend in the world which does not and should not be tolerated in educational institutions. Mutual respect or we part ways. Though this has rarely happened but nonetheless, Bright has terminated few enrollments because of a parent's disrespectful approach towards a teacher, a team member or the principal. It is crucial that parents understand that signing up with Bright is equal to signing up with a partner that will be working along side with you to bring the best in your child and never as a paying customer. "I am paying a lot of money and I expect xxx". Please keep in mind, this does not work. Our customer, once you sign up, is your child, our work and our program is put out for his/her benefit.  Our work with you as parents, will be to mutually work on benefiting your child and not for us to change policies and ways to suit your child personally. All children are equal to us and our ways are set as we have the know how, the experience, the tailored program that was/is designed to benefit the community of parents and students that we have the pleasure to serve. 

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