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(our fees have not increased for the past 4 years – next year they will) 

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Bright Schools Re-Registration Form


It's that time of the year - kindly share your plans with us for your child's continual enrollment with us for the next academic year.  We need to get the accurate  number for our returning current students before we open up registrations to the public.

New Applicants - New Enrollments: 

All newly started students  (November & Later) are assumed to be continuing the next year so the deposit fee is collected at time of registration.

Returning Students:

1.  If you are continuing on with the schools then please sign this form and return back by

     the 9th of January.  Your deposit will be carried onto next year.

2.  If you are choosing not to come back next year – Please deduct your 2000 deposit from

     your term payment due January 6 – 9, 2020.  

3.  All refunds are to be deducted from your term-2 payment.  

4.  Failure to submit the form & / or deduct the deposit will tell us that you will be

     continuing, and we will automatically re-enroll your child for next year. All policies stated

     here stand regardless to us receiving your form or not. 

5.  Coming back after this date to say I want to withdraw will be too late to get your 2000 SR


6.  Coming back after you withdraw by this date and saying you want to re-enroll will result in

     you having to repay the 2000 deposit and the 3000 Re-Registration fee – for the total of

     5000 SR.  For us to re-enroll your child after dropping him/her will require the 5750 (VAT

     inclusive) payment so please it is best if you can make your decision by the date provided

     to avoid incurring extra payments. 

7.  You waiting for other schools to confirm placement of your child before you decide about

     our school is a risk you have to take - but for us – we cannot wait to see if your first choice

     opens up – I am sure you can understand. 

          I fully understand the school's deposit policy and know that they are never refundable nor             transferable even if I change my mind on the same day. Once paid it is not  refundable. 

That includes all relocations (sudden or planned) i.e. no refunds if you end up leaving Riyadh or as an example having to deliver a baby in the middle of the year.  This deposit is used as a confirmation to our numbers, which are then used to base all preparations for next year from staffing to supplies. Form must be returned by the deadline if you want a placement, after this date, placements are given to new applicants and we do guarantee that there will be no placement for your child after this date and if there is you will have to re-register again as per point 6 above.


*NOTE: Parents requiring leaving the school for delivery and dropping their attending child and failing to pay the full year fees will lose the deposit.  Again, the deposit is refunded only when the parent makes a full year payment. Missing anyone term will automatically result in the loss of the deposit.


Important MUST READ: by signing here you fully take it as a commitment from you that if your child attends any one day in the fall of 2020-2021 term starting in September then you are signing that you are fully liable to pay the full first installment. Fees are always due on or before the first day and if the school failed to collect the fee on time you are still held accountable to make the FULL first installment fee.  By showing up then it means your child is taking a place for the full running year and other potential new children are turned back for lack of places.

Our Child will be Attending: if Bright Please print Bright otherwise please state the school your child will be moving to: 

Thanks for submitting!