Fee Structure

Fees are to be paid in full at admission time and before first day of school.  A start date is set at time of admission and fees are not revisited if you are late in starting.


A penalty fee of SAR 1150 will come into effect if fees are not paid by the announced date.  In the event of non-payment two weeks after the due date we will have to suspend the student until the fees are paid.  If fees are not paid shortly after suspension, the child's place will be forfeited. 

If your company pays tuition fees for your child, you will need to arrange that payments are received on time to avoid the stated terms.

Additional Information 

1. All tuition fees are  NON-REFUNDABLE

2. 2nd child receives a 10% courtesy.  3rd child receives a 15% courtesy. For Full Time Siblings Only 

3. Companies that have 5 children signed up or more will receive 10% discount for each employee.

4. We prorate the fees only at the entry time for any new student if you are joining 4 full weeks past the school start date for teacher       of the two semesters.  Once prorated the child is expected to start at the agreed on time.  Proration will not keep moving up in

   weeks. Your start date is set on day you asked us to invoice you on. Once enrolled, no weeks are prorated within.  A child is

   committed for the remaining of the year with the full Tuition Fee Calculated at Entry. If registered to start at the beginning of the

   year and you were late coming in, no proration is done.  You are always committed to the fee you received at the time of 

   registration.  We cannot move agreed on start days. 

5. No proration once your child is an enrolled student. 

Application Fee & Other Fees Payables 

Tuition Fees 2020-2021 (Inclusive of VAT)

Before & After Care Fees

Terms & Conditions - Payment Policy - Re-Registations

Bank Details





Admission & Retention in Bright Schools is conditional on acceptance of the above Terms & Conditions. Payment of all required fees are parents responsibility even when employers undertake to pay such fees on their behalf. 

Bright School reserve the right to amend these conditions as and when the need arises.



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