From the parent policy for we used to give to parents: 

Bus Policies and Procedure (Alhamra children only):

  1. A signed registration form must be received by the office before allowing any child to be transported on the bus.

  2. The estimated time for my child’s arrival is between 12:55 and 1:20.

  3. Should there be no one to receive your child at the time of drop off, your child will be brought back to school and it is then your responsibility to come and pick her/him up.  

1.    Your child should be picked up from the bus door by you or someone from your house.  The monitors are asked not to walk the children home.

·           For most houses the driver will stop in front of your house and will sound his horn to alert you to the bus’s arrival.  However, the bust cannot do that for all the houses, there is a cluster where the driver has to stop by the supermarket because the cul-de-sac at the end of the road is too tight for him to do the tern since many cars are in that area for picking up children from the British school.  As well as the apartment, you will have to wait for your child outside.  The time will be narrowed down few days after the start of the bus drop off and you will have smaller window of waiting time at the specified area. (This does not apply in the Arizona Compound).